Things to Make In An Omelette Maker - What the Redhead said (2024)

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We reviewed an Aldi Ambiano Omelette Maker a few years ago and it’s still one of the most popular posts on this website and one of our handiest small kitchen appliances we’ve ever used. You can see the double omelette maker review here. Non stick omelette makers are so easy to use with non stick plates, they’re easy clean and so quick at making perfectly fluffy omelettes.

But, I get asked regularly what our favourite folding omelette maker recipes are. The answer is simple – any omelettes that you’ve usually made in a frying pan will work in an omelet maker. So, the options when it comes to cooking fluffy omelettes at home are limitless. It’s so easy to create the perfect omelette – especially with the non stick coating. No butter, oil or cooking spray needed and easy clean cooking. There’s no easier way to make perfectlycooked omelettes.

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Omelette makers also often have stainless steel casing as they look so great on the side. There’s no need to hide them away, they can be out and ready for whenever you want to use them.

But I thought it would be good to give you some basic ideas so you have a starting point and from there you can adapt the recipes to add more flavours and ingredients. We tend to use whatever we have in the fridge at the time and omelettes are a great way of reducing food waste. They’re a quick fix when you have run out of lunch or dinner ideas and are something the whole family really enjoy.

When do you eat omelettes?

I mostly have omelettes for lunch, served simply with a side salad as healthy lunchtime meals. I vary the flavours depending on what we have in the fridge and really enjoy them. A filling and healthy lunch option. I’ve enjoyed omelettes on both Weight Watchers and Slimming World in the past and they are great as part of any diet plan or healthy eating weight loss plan.

We also have them for dinner – served with toast or chips and a salad. This makes them a more substantial meal but one that the children always really enjoy. Their favourite flavours are cheese and ham omelettes.

Another way of eating omelettes is for incredibly easy fuss free breakfast brunches. Either on their own or served with toast, or you could have a plain cheese omelette as the egg part of a full English breakfast. The options are limitless!

Can you make omelettes for weaning?

Omelettes were one of our favourite finger foods when we were weaning the children as they were so easy to make and you could cut them into strips for the children to hold when we were baby led weaning. All of these would make great meal ideas and weaning recipes for babies.

You could even add things like sweet potato, cooked chicken or even cooked pasta to the mix to make any toddler happy! Omelettes are a fantastic meal on their own or served alongside other finger foods.

How to use an omelette maker

Omelette makers couldn’t be easier to use and have the same concept as a sandwich maker. They’re a really versatile kitchen appliance. You plug them in, pour the omelette mix into the omelette maker omelette pan, close the lid and let the cooking plates work its magic until the omelette is nicely golden brown and the ready indicator lights come on.

If you’re not sure if you’re omelette is done yet, lift the lid and take a look or make a slit in the omelette and see if it’s fully cooked yet. They’re a great way to cook omelettes.

Most omelette makers are a dual omelette maker so you can make two omelettes at the same time. You could make two different flavour omelettes or two the same. We tend to make two of the same flavour just for ease.

How do electric omelette makers compare to microwave omelette makers

Electric omelette makers are so much better than using a microwave omelet maker. From experience, when using a microwave single omelette maker, the omelettes don’t go brown and crisp on the outside. The eggs are cooked but they stay quite flacid and not as appetising as when cooked in an electric omelette maker or even a frying pan! There are much better options to cook eggs than in the microwave!

Where do we start with Omelette Maker recipes?

We always start our quick omelette recipes with a basic omelette of three eggs and a handful of cheese and salt and a crack of black pepper, whisked to make the basic egg mixture for the omelette which, when other fillings are added, is enough to fill the omelette maker and create two good sized omelettes.

Depending on when we’re having the omelettes, whether we’re having anything with them, and whether they’re for an adult or child, we may have one omelette or two per serving.

You can use large eggs or medium eggs, whatever you already have. And, obviously, you don’t need cheese but we love the flavour a nice strong mature cheddar gives to an omelette but you can leave it out or use a dairy free cheese if you wanted. We then create any of the following perfect flavour combinations:

Cheese and Tomato

An extra handful of cheese, half a ball of mozzarella or any other cheese you like and some chopped up tomatoes. You can use a nice big tomato chopped up for this or a few quartered cherry tomatoes. You could also pour the egg mixture into the omelette maker and then add big tomato slices to the top.

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Cheese and Ham

As above – any extra cheese you like plus some ham. This can be wafer thin ham broken up, chopped up slices of good quality ham or even some ham left over from Sunday lunch. This is our favourite flavour combination.

Ham and Mushroom

Like above you can use any ham that you have to hand and then saute some chopped mushrooms before adding those to the mix. You can add them without sauteing first but they won’t have the same fully cooked finish.

Cheese and Mushroom

A handful of any cheese that you like plus another handful of sauteed mushrooms to make a delicious mushroom omelette. What you’ll find with these omelet maker recipes is there is no hard and fast rules – you can use any amount of any ingredient and it will still turn into tasty fluffy omelets.

Cheese and Spinach

Any cheese you like plus a handful of fresh spinach. Frozen spinach works but you have to defrost it and squeeze out the excess water first – fresh spinach is easier.

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Cheese and Onion

A handful of cheese and finely chopped onion. You can either use raw onion or saute the onion off first depending on the flavours you like best.

Omelette Makers are a great invention – but a completely unnecessary one. A frying pan will work just as well. But, I like that the omelette maker cooks every side of the omelette without me having to turn it or put it under the grill. I can also potter about in the kitchen whilst it’s cooking without having to check on it constantly.

Omelette makers for me are a great time saver. It’s super easy and convenient and I’ll do the washing up or make a cup of tea whilst it’s working it’s magic. It’s fantastic if you like to multitask.

Our omelette maker creates two good size, substantial, delicious omelettes at a time, using half the mix for each. We find that they’re great for a healthy breakfast individually. Or served with a salad one omelette is enough for an adult portion at lunch or you could serve with chips or a more hearty salad for an easy full meal later in the day. Omelettes definitely reduce the amount of bread we eat as a family – and they taste great too!

Did you know you can also make cakes in an omelette maker?

Now, nothing beats an oven cooked cake but, if you don’t have an oven or just want something quick and simple then cake in omelette makers work really well. It’s one of so many interesting things that you can make in an omelette maker.

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If you’ve ever made a mug cake then you’ll appreciate the kind of sweet treat and omelette maker desserts that you can make. We make either a double chocolate cake or a chocolate chip cake in the omelette maker.

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Here are our omelette maker cake recipes:

Double Chocolate Cake


  • 45g Self Raising Flour
  • 55g Caster Sugar
  • 20g Cocoa Powder
  • 1 egg
  • 45ml milk
  • 45ml oil
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Put all the ingredients in a jug, mix with a fork and pour into the omelette maker and cook as you would an omelette.

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Chocolate Chip Cake


  • 60g Self Raising Flour
  • 55g Caster Sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 45ml milk
  • 45ml oil
  • 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips
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Put all the ingredients in a jug, mix with a fork and pour into the omelette maker and cook as you would an omelette.

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How about making pancakes in omelette makers?

You can make pancakes in an electric omelet maker by using your usual pancake mixture although it won’t be quite as good as using a pancake maker. Make sure you don’t fill up the omelette maker pan sections with pancake batter as the pancakes will turn out too thick and dense. Only fill them up to half full for a better, more enjoyable pancake.

You can also make banana pancakes if you want, a healthier alternative to traditional pancakes and they cook really well in an omelette maker too.

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To make four American style thick pancakes, we use 125g plain flour, 150ml milk and an egg. The same amount of mix can be used to make thinner style crepes but the process will take longer. Each pair of pancakes takes 5-10 minutes to cook.

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Did you also know you can make poached eggs in omelette makers?

Now, just like cake in an omelette maker, poached eggs made using the omelette maker aren’t going to be quite as good as if you do them properly in a pan of water or using a dedicated egg poacher. But, you can make eggs really quick and easily in the omelette maker, they’re poached with solid whites and gorgeous runny yolks. They’re pretty good! However, you can’t make scrambled eggs in an omelette maker.

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So how do you poach an egg in the omelette maker?

To poach eggs in our omelette maker, I turned the omelette maker on and left it to heat up. Once hot, I half filled each compartment with water and cracked an egg into each side.

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Close the lid for five minutes and you’ll come back to eggs that look fried but without any hint of oil. Ease them out of the pan gently and enjoy. They’ll be just the right temperature to enjoy and the yolks should be gloriously runny.

How to make scrambled eggs in omelette maker

Unlike poached eggs, it’s harder to make scrambled eggs in a omelette maker. You would need to keep the lid of the omelette maker open, whisk eggs before pouring them into the omelette section in the maker, and move the eggs around constantly as they cook, as you would when making scrambled eggs in a pan.

I hope these recipes have helped you get some inspiration for your next omelette filling and please do let me know what your favourite omelette flavour combinations are too.

What can I use instead of an omelette maker?

If you’re looking for something to use instead of an omelette maker I’d suggest just using a frying pan! If you don’t have a hob you could try using a deep fill sandwich maker or a waffle maker as long as they have non stick cooking plates and deep sections to hold the omelette mixture.

Over on Amazon there are so many electric omelette makers available for around £15 and the Salter Omelette Maker has great reviews. Although the Aldi one is our favorite omelette maker, you can even get a fancy omelette maker with removable plates if you want one you can just throw in the dishwasher! There’s also an omelette maker book with plenty more omelet recipes too. Happy cooking!

If you’re here looking for an omelette maker recipe book or omelette maker instruction manuals you can find the following ones here:

I can’t advise on the best omelette maker as we’ve only tried our trusty Aldi Ambiano omelette maker. However, omelette makers are fantastic home appliances and are one of our favourite gift ideas.

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Things to Make In An Omelette Maker - What the Redhead said (2024)
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