The 15 Best Places for Sausage in Tucson (2024)

1.Blue Willow Restaurant


2616 N Campbell Ave (btwn Grant Rd & Glenn St), Tucson, AZ

Breakfast Spot · 57 tips and reviews

Joshua Smith:Get the blue willow special for breakfast but replace the chicken with Chorizo. Whaaaa?!?!?!?!?!

MissMiki:Very accomodating for non dairy diets! If you ask for what you need they will create it for you! Oh and they have turkey sausage! Thumbs up!

Sophia P.:I had the chorizo scramble over 5 years ago and I still have dreams about it.


1015 W Prince Rd, Tucson, AZ

Deli · Flowing Wells · 14 tips and reviews

Timothy Harmon:Grill sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, summer sausage, grill dogs

Ben Hernandez:Awesome selection of sausages and lunch meats

Oksa Troko:Amazing sandwich with great brisket & andouille, and the horseradish pickles were unbelievable! Sliced roast beef was yummy and moist enough. Can’t wait to cook the sausages at home this week!!

3.Tanias Flour Tortillas


614 N Grande Ave, Tucson, AZ

Mexican Restaurant · 24 tips and reviews

Grace Fama:Awesome vegan options! Try the soy chorizo!

Brian Bilbo:Get the medium burrito with egg potato cheese chorizo and ham! Soo good!

RC:Fantastic burritos with an incredible list of available ingredients. Worth a stop.


2680 N 1st Ave (Btwn Glenn St & Grant Rd), Tucson, AZ

Mexican Restaurant · 38 tips and reviews

Arcminty:Great queso fundido w/ chorizo.

Jake Schefer:Adobada caramelo and chorizo Sonoran dog!

Amy Martinez:Try the sangria, it is really good! And the attention you get there is really good too!

5.Teresa's Mosaic Cafe


2546 N Silver Mosaic Dr, Tucson, AZ

Mexican Restaurant · 39 tips and reviews

Anthony Reinhardt:Best chorizo in Tucson by far!!

Zacharia Lorenz:Been going here for years. You have to try the Huevos Rancheros! Best I've ever had...spice it up even more by adding some chorizo :-)

Christine Cooper:Best mexican food and the staff is exceptional

6.Roma Imports


627 S Vine Ave, Tucson, AZ

Deli · 11 tips and reviews

Bill Maginnis:Get the Count Dracula sausage for your home Italian dinner. We having it ragu style (not the bottled sauce!) with Polenta.

Max Tittle:An excellent Italian Restaurant serving authentic Italian food in a small intimate atmosphere. Plenty of food to take home. Pre-prepared dishes to take home.

Donna Leigh Williams:I love it , the people and the service is great

7.Laverna's Coffee Shop


220 S Plumer Ave, Tucson, AZ

Coffee Shop · Arroyo Chico · 9 tips and reviews

Bill Maginnis:The 3 egg omelettes are great - the Denver is my favorite, but the Green Chile is also great along with the Spanish. You also can't go wrong with their delicious chorizo and eggs with flour tortillas.

Frank Musitano:Everything is great!!! Haven't had an ok or bad meal here yet. Love the Corn Beef Hash.

Greg Swanson:Friday fish fry



2990 N Campbell Ave (at E Blacklidge Dr), Tucson, AZ

Pizzeria · 19 tips and reviews

Sara:Love the Sausage and Caramelized Onion pizza and the Chicken salad with pine nuts.

Shaun Repetto:Pizzas are great, Mac and cheese is the best, and the caprese salad is bomb!

Fahad Mundani:Turkey panini 

9.Omar's Highway Chef


5451 E Benson Hwy (Craycroft & I-10), Tucson, AZ

Diner · 20 tips and reviews

Lora Waloski:Chorizo is good, with just the right amount of spice. Try it in an omlette with green chilis

Ethan Miller:Got the likely split 2 pancakes, 1 egg, 1 sausage for $6.04. The best part is ..... it was really good! !!!!

Matt:What's good about Omar's is the options. Hot and cold sandwiches, burgers, fish, salads and soups, classics home style items and even a lil Mexican tastes as well. Oh and the deserts too!! Stop in.

10.Baja Cafe


7002 E Broadway Blvd Ste A (at S Kolb Rd), Tucson, AZ

Café · 15 tips and reviews

Kaustubh Thirumalai:The classic rancheros is one of the best I’ve had! Substitute the soy chorizo for extra oomph!

Adam Lehrman:Great breakfast! Try the Chilaquiles, pancakes, or Oscar's Nopalitos.

Nate Yancy:So glad we stopped here! Amazingly friendly waitress who overheard we were out of town & it was our 1st time there, she treated us to a Snickerdoodle pancake on the house! Chicken fried steak was good

11.Seis Kitchen


1765 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ

Mexican Restaurant · 2 tips and reviews

Maureen George:Chorizo tacos, quesadilla, puerco verde, really everything!

Madawy .:Fish tacos 🌮



806 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ

Hot Dog Joint · West University · 6 tips and reviews

Jim Chaffee:Outstanding gourmet breakfast and huge selection of premium hot dogs and sausages. Very pet friendly, your dog may find his or her picture on Facebook !

Johanna Lerma:Hot dogs!!!!?

Ben Hernandez:Back again after a long absence .. Miss this place .. Cheers



5285 E Broadway Blvd (across from Williams Center), Tucson, AZ

Pizzeria · 25 tips and reviews

Anthony F.:Chicken, Spinach & Apple Salad, Salmon & Kale Salad, Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza

Amanda Britton:The chicken, broccoli, and cheese sauce pasta is to die for!! Great prices too, cheap.

Nora Bones:The gluten free pizza is awesome!!!!!

14.Polish Cottage


4520 E Broadway Blvd (Broadway and Swan), Tucson, AZ

Polish Restaurant · 20 tips and reviews

Sandra Leal:Polish sausage rocks Poland!

Jessica Figueira:Veal schnitzel is delicious! And Crepes for desert- so so good!!

Shannon Rodriguez:Authentic and charming. Great food



6741 N Thornydale Rd, Tucson, AZ

Sandwich Spot · 14 tips and reviews

Jason Starace:Italian sausage rocks!!!!!

Craig Pretzinger:So delicious. Italian beef + hot peppers and cheese. Do it.

Brian P:The ribeye is the best. A definite must try!

The 15 Best Places for Sausage in Tucson (2024)
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