8 gourmet butchers in Riyadh to get quality cuts (2024)

They’re a cut above the rest…

These butchers are not your typical meat shop. At these gourmet butcheries, you are assured of the best meat that suits your tastes, and a hygienic and comfortable shopping experience.

Here are eight gourmet butchers in Riyadh, where you can get a variety of quality meat and rare cuts.


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This meat and grilling speciality store has everything you need for a delicious steak dinner or barbeque. Here at Backyard, all meats are sourced from Australia and refrain from using antibiotics and growth hormones in their farming, ensuring the products are of the highest quality. From wagyu burger patty and frenched rib roast to dry-aged porterhouse and freshly made in-house sausages, be spoiled for choice for any recipe you’re about to attempt. Plus, you’ll find that it stocks all your BBQ needs, from easy-to-use gas grills to the traditional charcoal models, accessories and a range of outdoor fittings.

Backyard The Market, Hittin Square, Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd, Hittin, Riyadh 13513, Sat to Thurs 10am to 10pm & Fri 12.30pm to 10pm. @backyardme


A household name among its regular patrons (us, included), Chopped imports premium meat from countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. It also offers dry-ageing, marinating, portion-cutting for easy consumption, and vacuum-packing for longer storage. If you have any questions about selecting a type of meat, the experts at Chopped will be more than happy to help. Besides fresh meat, this one-stop-shop also stocks frozen seafood along with a great selection of artisan cheeses, preserves, fresh bread and plenty of pantry essentials. We recommend going to the Al Malqa branch as it’s bigger and has more varieties of products.

Chopped, King Abdul Aziz Rd, Salah Ad Din, Riyadh 12434 & Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Al Malqa, Riyadh 13524, daily 9am to 11pm. Tel: 011 415 2168 / 050 990 2291. @choppedksa

Forsan Groceria

With four retail outlets around Riyadh, this speciality butcher offers a vast collection of fresh gourmet meats (including veal), so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Other highlights include their in-house BBQ sauces and their range of sausages, freshly handmade in small batches. We recommend the Lebanese sausage with pine. If, like us, shopping for meat works up your appetite, most of the store locations include their restaurants (either Forsan Kitchen or Grill It) just next door and serve up succulent steaks and burgers that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Forsan Groceria, multiple locations. @forsan_groceria


Offering a wide selection of quality meats and other fresh produce, Mozzat stocks everything you need for a delicious dish – from black Angus striploin to lamb racks and local veal, complete with custom spice mixes. They are also able to portion cut right in front of you. In a rush? Check out their marinated meats for a fuss-free meal, with products like quails and citrus shish tawook.

Mozzat, Aishah Bint Abi Bakr, Shubra, Riyadh 12799 & Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Coordinates: MMGG+83, daily, 11am to 6pm & 9pm to 2.30am Tel: 050 550 3380 / 050 558 8644. @mozzatksa

Rare Market

Trips to Rare Market is not a grab-and-go situation. They’re an excursion. Rare Market is not just a butchery. It is a gourmet market of sorts, hawking everything from gourmet cheese to fresh salad and South African hot sauces. You can still get your premium meat cuts, but chances are, you’ll leave with much more in your basket.

Rare Market, King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ar Rabi, Riyadh 13315, Sat to Wed 10am to 11pm, Thurs & Fri 10am to midnight. Tel: 9200 11627. @rare_saudi

Red Marble

A slightly lesser-known but no less brilliant butchery on the Riyadh scene is Red Marble, which opens a few months ago. A meat specialist featuring high quality cuts, take your pick from meats like the local black Angus and Australian wagyu. Aside from meats, there’s a selection of beverages and pantry items, too.

Red Marble, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13248, daily 8am to 11pm. @redmarblesa

The Butcher Shop & Grill

Not only does The Butcher Shop & Grill offer a wonderful selection of stunning dishes to enjoy at its restaurant, but it also has an entire section dedicated to take-home goodies. From South African cured dried beef to Australian wagyu ribeye, you can get premium cuts of meat hand-cut daily by the butcher, all of which are available in-store or online.

The Butcher Shop & Grill, Tahlia Street, Riyadh 12241 & 8218 Northern Ring Branch Rd, Riyadh 12478, Sun to Thurs 10am to midnight, Fri & Sat 10am to 12.30am. Tel: 011 288 5156 / 011 410 1229. @butchershopar

11 Cuts

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Located a few doors down from Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh Qurtubah, 11 Cuts specialises in pre-packed cuts of meat and have a traditional butcher-style counter, serving only premium quality cuts of meat. You can get your wagyu striploin and lamb chops here, as well as quality burger patties, to throw on the barbecue. Plus, 11 Cuts vacuum packs all stocks, ensuring high hygiene standards, and their supply sources all adhere to strict animal welfare practices.

11 Cuts, Qurtubah, Thumama Rd, Riyadh 13248, Coordinates: RPPQ+FV, daily 3pm to 6pm & 8pm to 2am. @11cuts_sa

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8 gourmet butchers in Riyadh to get quality cuts (2024)
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